At Vivopress Corporation, our production and inspection team is based in China, Hong Kong and Singapore.
An indication of leadtime would be provided to all clients each time we send off a quotation. Leadtime indication would generally looks like this:

Mock up:7-10 days upon artwork confirmation
Standard Production 28-30 days upon confirmation to proceed with the mass production
Urgent Production; 15-18 days upon confirmation to proceed with the mass production  

While reading the leadtime indication, client should take note that:
1. Mock up is optional. Client can choose to save the mock up time should they have a urgent delivery deadline and we would be able to proceed with the mass production without a mock up, unless otherwise recommended. 2. At certain times, two quotations may be provided for the client's consideration - one based on standard production (where the goods would be sea shipped to Singapore) and another would be based on more expensive shipment methods (such as Fedex or EMS air shipment)
3. All dates stated are based on calendar days unless otherwise stated
4. All dates stated are inclusive of production and shipment, unless otherwise stated

Modes of Shipment (to Singapore)
We are able to facilitate various modes of shipment from China and Hong Kong to Singapore to better cater to our client's needs and budget.
Basically, the shipment modes are as follows;  

Sea Shipment:
Sea shipment from China/Hong Kong is the most inexpensive shipment mode of all. Sea shipment itself would usually takes 10-14 days (Estimated around 2 weeks) and on top of the production time, our sea shipment leadtime usually ranges between 4-5 weeks. Most of the cases, the sea shipment goods would be first sent to our location before we dispatch to our client's preferred location. For goods with sufficient volume/quantity to fit a container, we would be able to send the container directly to our client's warehouse to cut short delivery time and allow sufficient time for unloading.

EMS / FedEX / DHL Air Shipment
For projects that are more urgent, we would recommend our client to go for EMS / Air shipment - which usually takes 1-5 working days to reach Singapore. On of top of the production time, our air shipment leadtime would usually range between 2-3 weeks.

Modes of Shipment (to Overseas)
For all countries other than Singapore and Malaysia, we would ship the goods directly to our client’s office via EMS / FedEX / DHL Air Shipment  (depending on the urgency/budget of the project). Client need only provide us with a detailed address and we would be able to calculate the shipment cost for your kind consideration. We would be able to arrange for FedEx delivery on your behalf should you already have a corporate FedEx Account.