Free consultation support
Call or send us an Email anytime. Simply let us know the product that you are looking for, the tentative qty and deadline for project and we would be able to propose a suitable product, provide you with a quotation and prepare a production timeplan for you. Sample pictures and visual will be included in the proposal for your reference as well.

Design and Layout services
For all clients that are intending to place an order with us, we would provide free artwork layout services. In any case in which the client requires us to design an artwork from the scratch, our design service is as low as $100 – $200 only (depending on the complicity and requirements of the artwork)

Printing and Production Inspection
Our production is based in China and checked by our very own inspection team who ensures the accuracy of printed colors, qty, size of product and material. Problems will be rectified on the spot to ensure a timely delivery to Singapore.

Promotional Gifts Customization Printing
Other than the products listed in the website, we also have a large range of promotional and corporate gifts products. Simply refer to our partnering sites for more information:
For tissue products:
For Bags and Carriers:
For items that are not listed in any of the websites, simply email us a reference picture and we would be able to quote accordingly.

Goodie bag Packaging
We are able to offer packaging services should you purchase any carrier or promotional item from us. Simply let us know how you wish the items to be packed and by when do you need it by.

Worldwide Delivery Services
If you are looking to deliver to any countries outside Singapore, simply provide us with the address of the delivery location and we would be able to tabulate the shipping cost for you. Do note that the full address would be required (with unit/street/postal code information) for to generate accurate costing.