We have placed strict design guidelines for all our inhouse designers to ensure that all our artwork is done beauitfully and at the same time, practically - in a way makes sense to both our clients and our production team. Above is an example of our artwork layout is done at VivoPress. 

For Clients who are sending in their own designs, kindly take the following as Artwork Guidelines.

  • Artwork File to be vectorized, outlined or raterized to avoid missing links or missing font errors.
  • Artwork File to be at 300 dpi (Sharp when zoomed in to actual pixels) so as for us to print in high resolution 
  • Artwork File to indicate color in pantone code to ensure color printing accuracy 
  • Artwork File to indicate specifications of the product in top left hand corner
  • Visual must indicate size of print, distance of print from the side and bottom
  • Always keep an original copy in original format (preferable in ai, eps or psd format) and a jpeg as visual
  • Bleeding area of 3mm must be given
  • Photo reference for accessory, color chart etc to be placed within artwork should they be required. 

Rest assure for all clients that requires simple layout of artwork and logo, we would do it free of charge for you. Simply provide us with your logo and pantone codes to take note and we would handle the rest.