About Us

At Vivopress, we're motivated and inspired every day by how our customers use our products to advertise and create brand awareness for their business. We specialize in producing customized products in mass quantity at a reasonable price range as well as providing efficient and outstanding customer service. We form lasting business partnership with our customers by developing feasible and innovative ideas and staying connected to what is most important to them.

Why Choose VivoPress?

No Hassle Ordering System
When you order with us, we will take care of all the processes that is required to convert an idea to a product – designing, mock up sampling, printing, production, quality inspection, local delivery and distribution to your offices worldwide. There is no need to worry about manufacturing process, unstable communication, overseas shipping or the pile of paper work that comes with importing and exporting. This allows you to better concentrate on your core business and what’s important to you.

The Freedom to Choose
All are products are customizable in either size, printing, base color, materials or make. On top of that, we also provide our clients with the options to choose between 4 different shipment types to better match our client’s budget and delivery timeline. Simply write us an email with a description of your requirements, a reference picture as well as a delivery deadline and our sales personnel would be more than happy to prepare a proposal and timeline plan for you based on your requirements and urgency of the project.

Competitive pricing
Our excellent prices are a result of our ongoing mass production orders and long term strategic alliances with a variety of quality manufacturer and factory based in Singapore, Hong Kong and China. On top of which, we also carry out our own finishing and packaging work to facilitate production time and quality. Thus, we are proud to claim that we offer quality premiums and promotional gifts at very attractive prices.

So what are you waiting for? Simply contact our friendly sales personnel at 6292 7193 or email us quotation@vivopress.com.sg to find out more about our products and services today.